Are you a Director or top manager in the company you are working for? Great, it means that you are very familiar with your responsibilities related to the risk mitigation and you know that managing risk is core part of your role. You are about to handle the external risk, but first you need to look within your organization and control the internal risk. Most important is to look to your team and take advanced care when extending it with each and every new member. We can help you check that box, by conducting background checking to asses the primary quality each of your colleagues should have – honesty.

For the industries holding positions of trust, like financial institutions, healthcare, education, government, where working with people or/and money is embodied in the main activity, as well as for professions where reputation is driving the success (lawyers, doctors, trainers etc), background checking is a must. Similarly, all senior positions within a company are to be occupied by professionals with screened background. Nevertheless, even if you are not in the above categories, but you have to create a team and manage it, you will see the benefits of thoroughly conducted background check both on short term – we help you take the right decision in recruitment, and long term – healthier team, leading to better customer services.

We are local in Romania

Mindit is the first company in Romania doing employment screening and will always be the expert in the field – at Mindit we are directing our entire focus into the niche of educational and professional background checking.

According to the Romanian legislation, Mindit is a personal data operator .

We are NAPBS members

Starting 2013 we are NAPBS members and follow the code of conduct promoted by it.NAPBS_MemberLogo1