In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, our vision is wide spread on long term. That is the reason why we understand that we need to bring our contribution to the development of society and environment.

We mind the environment

We try to protect it in every possible way – the official communication with our clients and suppliers is done in an eco-friendly way, using the digital as much as possible. Also, Mindit employees follow the rule Print it only if necessary and then think twice about it!

We mind the society

We contribute to the development of society by offering our services to NGOs and to other charitable institutions. In this way it can be assured that those in the service of others are well intended.

SalvatiCopiii_LogoIt was an important support for Salvați Copiii to collaborate with Mindit during the recruitment process of new team members. Taking into account its importance and being recognized as a key resource of the organization, the recruitment is always treated with professionalism, a fact that is shared and proven by our partners through their seriousness, transparency and promptitude invested in the screening and in the presentation of the results, complete and detailed, following a rigorous etical code.   The background screening services were very useful, meaning for Salvați Copiii savings of time and resources and added value  by having a verified  quality of future employees.

Gabriela Alexandrescu, Presedinte Executiv, Organizatia Salvati Copiii