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“More than half of the human resources professionals found false information in candidates CV’s… If at first sight a CV a bit “blossomed” does not seem a very serious thing, for employers it has different implications. The study shows that by recruiting those who provide false information in CV , the risk of damaging the quality of work is increased by about 80%, the risk of conflicts in the team (70%) and customers (55%).”

“Mindit Consulting, the background screening company, conducted in November-December 2014 the latest study on risks in recruitment”

“Mindit Consulting the background screening company in Romania, launches the latest study on risks in recruitment … From the experience of respondents, 51% of them were surprised to discover false information in the candidates’ CVs, aspect which can lead to inappropriate recruitment.”

Irina Arsene - NAPBS“Every person has a period in which he can develop and build in the same environment. I think this should not be less than two and a half and in no case more than five years … Even if the employer tries to keep employees motivated and even if he gives constant opportunities for promotion or rotation to other positions, corporate culture is the same. So, once the employee has gotten used to the way they deal with processes and procedures, convenience interferes, the biggest enemy of development “, says Irina Arsene, founder of background screening services company Mindit.

UntitledThe Mindit partners, Irina Arsene and Sergiu Negut, spoke about the background screening business and their strategy for the next years.

IA: ”More important than whether a person lied or not is that the recruiter can trust the person in front of him who commits himself, can identify potentioal risks and take action, without having to relive some experiences others already experienced.”

SN: ”The CVs contain in general discrepancies, some are higher and some are smaller.  There are situations when the candidates declare professional experiences they never had and that is a major discrepancy any employer should know about. ”


“When the background screening will become a standard in Romania also, like it happens in other countries, the level of honesty will grow in the business environment. If you know someone looks at your CV and it checks the information there, you will think twice before lying. It is a matter of education. Ideally, if things go well, in 10 years there shouldn’t exist any market for us. I wish i had that problem!  “

cv_250pxTaking into account the fact that recruitment doesn’t mean anymore just filling up a vacancy, but identifying the most prepared candidate on a market with increased competition, the recruiters also included in the process the checking of recommendations and references (background screening). This is a logical and honest stept to be taken, since there are still individuals that assume unreal skills. A Mindit study shows that 9 in 10 CVs contain discrepancies, though most of them are minor.  


Recrutat in Iasi1 Irina attended the TV show “Recruited in Iasi” where she spoke about background screening and about the benefits of its usage for the Romanian companies.  

‘We don’t stamp people. If someone really had a performance problem and was dismissed this doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be employed anymore. It is extremely important that the background screening report is discussed between the client and the candidate so that he can explain what happened; our client, the employer, should be able to figure it out to what extent the occurence can repeat, if it represents a threat or not and if it can be assimilated and the candidate suits the new employer’ 

“The Romanians are not different than other nations. The majority  lie in the CV, and we want to protect those that are honest so that they can benefit from an additional ace in the recruitment process. Like in US and UK, almost a quarter of the CVs contain major discrepancies between what it was declared and what it was confirmed. While in US and UK it is given a great importance to the education where many discrepancies occur, in Romania the discrepancies are usually connected to the employment period and role name. There were also enough CVs whose experience confirmed 100% .”


How well do you know your employees? HR Play is a game dedicated to the HR specialists to test their skills in identifying the honest candidates during the interview in an interactive and fun way. 


Mindit, prezent at HR Summit, challenged the HRs into testing their intuition in a game where some candidates presented parts of their CVs. The players had the opportunity to assess if the information presented by the candidates are the same with the reality. Over a third of the participants to the event played, but less than 10% managed to answer correctly to all questions. If you want to test your abilities, it is useful to know that it is available in App Store. 


As most of the times the intuition is the only weapon available to the HRs to check the truthfulness of the information provided by the candidates, Mindit launches a game to challenge the HRs to test their intuition.  

1457687_261728480641385_12050277_nMindit supports the development of a relationship based on trust between employers and employees, but it also helps to mitigate the internal risks with fraud, reputation and unsuitable behaviour which can influence the relations with clients and business results. 

Because it wants to have the Romanian business environment competitive and efficient, Mindit decided to draw the attention to the importance of the background screening of the candidates that can be made either internally, or by outsourcing the service, because the HR representative needs to know the reasons for which there are discrepancies between the information provided and the reality, to exclude any risks or to sort the candidates. 

”It is very important to be open to innovation, to promote ant to produce novelty” More on innovation in business in the interview taken to Irina Arsene (CEO, Mindit) at Tineri Antreprenori de Succes

Echipa‘Five-six years ago I wouldn’t even think that such a business could work in Romania due to the local beliefs. However, in the last years I noticed that especially the multinational companies which are used to this practice through their mother companies started to request background screening but to companies in USA and UK. In this way the local subsidiaries checked their employees through foreign companies because there was no one here to provide the services. Therefore I saw a niche with great potential for development’ explains Irina Arsene.  

hr-summit-iasi-expoconferinta-de-resurse-umane-i89157 In a reality where the recruitment doesn’t mean anymore placing a person on a position , but identifying the best talent fit for the company, checking the information mentioned in the CV becomes a necessity. In this way it is based a relationship based on mutual trust between the employer and the employee and also between colleagues, who know that they can count on the newcomers. Also, the recruitment is more effective, being able to avoid the costs with the recruitment of people with unreal skills.   Another benefit of the background screening is the mitigation of risks with the most important resource of a company – its employees. The most important such risks are fraud, inadequate customer service, image risks. 

Capital TVStarting minute 2:20 one can find an interview Irina Arsene gave to Capital TV show on B1TV on how the Romanian labour market looks like after conducting background screening activities in 2013.

One can also find information on the hurdles met in creating and developing a market in Romania. 



Un studiu efectuat în România arată că 90% din CV-uri conţin discrepanţe. Iată care sunt minciunile preferate ale românilor!

The Romanian companies require more and more often the background screening services for various vacancies as the competition on the labour market increased as well as the need to better manage  the relationship with their own employees, as revealed by a press release from Mindit, the first specialized background screening company in Romania. Out of all checks made so far by Mindit, 90% contain discrepancies, although some of them are only minor ones. The most frequent exaggerations from the Romanian CVs and met in almost half of the cases, are about the employment period.

HREnterpriseMindit is proud to announce the beginning of a strategic partnership with HR Enterprise, the international CIPD center in Romania. To celebrate the CIPD 100 years anniversary, in Romania it will be organized CIPD100 Conference which will take place on the 19th of September, a cannot-miss for Mindit. You can find us at our stand, happy to share information and consultancy. You can find more about the conference here. See you there on Thursday!

ZileleBizZilele Biz brings together leaders, mentors, people with vision and who created value to tell their successful stories and to inspire by their example. For five days there are relevant discussions and networking around five domains: entrepreneurship, inovation, management, CSR, media media&marketing.

hr-summit-iasi-expoconferinta-de-resurse-umane-i89157For two days, HR suppliers will present their offers and portfolios to keep the participants up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations and services on the HR market and thus, to help the HR leaders to develop successful programs for their organizations.   


The phony diplomas phenomenon at the highschool final exam: ‘When you apply for a job, does anyone check your application? No, and neither when applying for faculty…”

Irina-Arsene-4-160x160The article presents the story of Irina Arsene that seem to be one presented only in motivational stories, how she went from a successful career in IT to being an entreprenour in HR by opening the first background screening company in Romania. How is she doing with the new business, why she chose background screening and most of all, what does this service mean to HR – you can find from the interview with Irina Arsene.  


Every employer wishes to bring to its company competent and trustworthy people. The article presents how one can check the professional background for candidates on key roles.    


In the last years the country’s labour force was badly affected by the economic problems the companies had to face, thousands of Romanians turning unemployed. Therefore, finding a job became a real challenge and a lot of applicants tried to trick the employers. To detects these errors a young woman invented the CV’s ‘police’   


Lies have short legs and those that boost their CVs with unheld titles have all the chances to being caught.  For the first time in Romania the employers can call up the professionals.  According to recruitment specialists, over 80% of the CVs applied for jobs in Romania contain errors or lies. Why? Because these days anyone can make up a univerty title

Mindit offers its services to companies worldwide that wish to check the background of a current or potential  Romanian employee, especially for the industries with a high level of responsibilities ( medicine, management, sales, education, etc.). The information for confirming or denying the data in the CV are checked directly ith the source ( the educational institutions mentioned, the companies the person previously worked for, etc. ) Mindit offers companies the information they need to make a decision for hiring. 

“The number of mismatches between what was declared and the outcome of the screening amazed even us. There are two types of mismatches: intended lies and “honest mistakes”.  But even when a candidate/ employee doesn’t lie with intention our reports bring additional information to help the manager make a decision’ , explained Irina Arsene, the CEO of the company. 

More than half of the total CVs contain inexact information, and a third have real lies all over regarding the studies, experience or abilities. Three quarters of the employees steal, at some point at their job place, and 55% of them have management positions. The FBI established that the most explosive increase in the latest years was seen in the internal fraud.  Just some official data ( that are, at least apparently, a little exagerated) that justifyes the background checking services. Globally, there is a real industry of ‘background screening’.      



„After experiencing the role of a shareholder and selling the company, the next obvious step was to start my own business. I strongly believe that the background screening is a neccessity for any business. In USA and West Europe this is practiced at a large scale to contact a professional company to check the studies, former employers, media and social media presence, reccomendations and certifications, bank history and criminal records”   Irina Arsene, CEO Mindit

The employers can find out if you were fired due to behaviour problems , you stole, you are in deep debts, exagerated the qualifications or expertise level. 

 In mid crisis, the number of candidates that exagerate or lie in their CVs is higher than before 2008, according to the recruitors. Hence, the first background screening company appeared on the local market. The company is called Mindit and checks if you ommited information in the CV which might redure your recruitment rate, like: if you were fired due to a behaviour problem, you stole, exagerated the qualifications or expertise.   


Mindit is the first company in Romania that specialized in checking the background of the candidates or employees for the key roles in all areas of activity. The company works with specialized professionals on this niche and was recently launched on the local market.