Irina Arsene – CEO & Founder

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Irina is a young and dynamic entrepreneur with strong leadership skills and extensive international management track record. After obtaining a first degree in Computer Science, she completed her education with the Canadian MBA at Bucharest School of Management in 2008 and later in 2011 with the Institute of Directors in London. Irina has worked in Telecom sector for more than 10 years, traveled around the globe, managed international teams in software development and led marketing and sales for a global entrepreneurial organization up to the level of General Manager and Board Director.Irrespective of the seniority of the position held, what Irina always enjoyed most was working with people, identifying talent and growing it.



Laura Roșianu – General Manager & NAPBS Europe Board Member 

15181293_1255017527895476_5903362243380012638_nHighly organized and driven by the desire to constantly learn and develop herself, Laura takes her energy from everyday challenges. She has an eye for detail and is striving for perfection in everything she does. Being a natural leader, she enjoys working with people and helping them become better versions of themselves. She is creative and is always looking for new outlooks and approaches in accomplishing her tasks. Laura manages to see the bigger picture and in the same time not losing focus on the smaller pieces.  She is passionate, positive and has a great ability to adapt to people and circumstances, whilst staying true to herself.




Andreea Onofrei – Senior Background Screening Analyst

Black and whiteLoving nature ever since she was a child, Andreea has an engineering BA and a MA in the environmental protection field. Life offered her a unique opportunity to work in HR and she took on the challenge to make a difference in this new domain. Andreea loves learning new things and admires people who can help her in this matter. She likes to be surrounded by authenticity, therefore the background screening fits her like a glove.





Sonia Predonescu-Gherghina – Senior Background Screening Analyst


Sonia is holding a BA in Psychology and the patience, empathy and creativity are the basis of her daily work. She manages to combine flexibility with rules compliance and the attention to details with the whole picture. The people she is working with inspire her and give her energy, that’s why she enjoys working within a team. She loves stories, especially the ones based on a kernel of truth, therefore she        wants to finish each activity with a happy ending.





Ioana Bănică – Senior Background Screening Analyst

pozalaptopDriven by the desire of learning new things all the time, Ioana joined the screening team with great enthusiasm. She is a dynamic and positive person who enjoys helping others and providing deep understanding about people and processes. Ioana is always looking for improvements, having the big picture in mind and at the end of the day her organised working style is what characterises her the best.