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Mindit touch

At the core of Mindit business there stands the experience we provide to both our clients and their candidates. It is our mission to become your professional partner and to minimize employee’s risks, while protecting the employee’s exposure. Overall, Mindit will help you to protect your core values.

We commit to transparent and effective communication to achieve your recruitment and assessment goals. With our gained expertise in the field, we will conduct better analysis and deliver faster results, while still focusing on cost efficiency. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any HR or legal hassle. Our well documented process will take care of everything for you. It is tailored to provide a smooth and efficient flow of deliverables between the partners, with minimum contribution from the client. The background check report is provided in due time for the employment decision to be taken while having the whole picture of the candidate’s profile. Should any unfavorable aspect arise during the investigation, it will be brought to your attention immediately.

Work experience screening process is unostentatious and highly efficient, as we are searching for reliable first-hand information directly from the source. Both our experience and expertise enable us to acquire not only general information about the exact dates of the employment, job descriptions, responsibilities and general evaluation of his/her level of performance, but also more subtle ones, regarding working ethic aspect, workplace issues or work relationship problems.

All this data engender a reliable map of the candidate’s acquired reputation among previous colleagues and clients, a reputation that will also reflect on your image when you hire the candidate.