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Candidate Experience

The candidates that are being screened, the basis of our activities, are very important for Mindit as well. Not only are they valuable stakeholders, but they also need to be protected from abuse or malicious intent.

Respect candidate’s privacy

Here at Mindit we invest a lot of effort to ensure the current personal and professional life is not affected in any way by the investigations conducted. Without a written agreement, no investigation is to be performed. Also, current employment status is checked only when this is risk free of premature ending for the candidate. By no means will the investigation bring prejudice to the privacy of the individual. It is not intended to search every nook and cranny for incriminatory items, but to provide a professional image that is also confirmed by the other parties involved. Only reliable sources are used and in this way it is assured accuracy of information.

Security of personal data is another milestone that Mindit has with regards to customer experience and all laws on personal data protection are followed accordingly.

The direct contact with the candidate is kept to a minimum and it is made primarily through the client. All input required from the candidate’s side is well presented from the very beginning so that time abusive communication is well avoided.