We offer professional services for any employer looking to secure the future of its company and to improve the overall standards of its candidates. We inquire only public information for both professional and personal dimensions of candidates’ lives and we provide relevant information for the role the candidate will play in the team.


Confirmation of education certifications

This feature confirms the graduation of the educational institutions (BSc, MSc, PHD diplomas) and other certification that are claimed in the CV. This feature is even more important for the roles that require accredited individuals to perform certain activities. The confirmation is done by comparing the claims in the CV against the educational institution databases, having as identifier the person’s full name from the ID card and the date of birth.

Training achievements

Like educational background check, the training achievement research confirms the diploma acquired during trainings by requesting direct confirmation and feedback, on demand, from the institutions holding them.


Previous employment

The previous employment screening is the most important aspect of the package as it confirms the integrity and technical capabilities of the candidate. This service confirms the employment information mentioned in the candidate’s CV  by direct contact with the institutions and entities indicated. The service covers the past 5  or 10 years of employment. When available, this research brings insights to the candidate’s previous roles, salary, strengths, weaknesses, reason for leaving and reemployment availability of the previous employers.


On demand, the mindit team will gather feedback and recommendations from previous managers, work colleagues, partners or tutors, both indicated by the candidates and by the employer’s representatives. In this way a new perspective on the candidate’s skills can arise.


Social media presence

In a fast moving society where social media gain more and more power over the way people interact both personally and professionally, a research of the public postings of the candidate can reveal important aspects of their integrity. In the same way, this is a means of early identification of possible threats to the company’s image – for example, disreputable public posting about previous employers increase the risk of a future employment relationship with the person.

Media presence evaluation

The written and online media represent a valuable source of important insights on a person’s background, revealing information about connections with incriminatory occurrences that are unavailable otherwise due to national legislation against disclosure of prior arrests not resulting in a conviction.

Verification of membership of professional bodies and affiliations to other companies

Mindit specialists ensure a proper check on the claimed affiliations to certain companies and professional bodies that can reflect the honesty and integrity of an individual. Memberships of professional bodies are very important as they reflect a high interest in the field of work and great networking to keep up to date with the latest discoveries.

Clarity and coherence in the CV

Our investigators have excellent HR background with focus on recruitment. Their expertise is reflected in a great capacity of identifying inconsistencies in a professional profile and highlighting key aspects in a profile that must be taken into consideration when recruiting for a certain position.