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Facilitating Reliable and Transparent Hiring Decisions
A 2022 study showed that the average cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of their annual salary.
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Avoiding biases and discrimination in background checks
How to avoid biases and discrimination in a background screening process?
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How to prepare for an employment background check?
How can I, as a candidate, be prepared for a background check?
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The candidate’s rights during a background check
Should I, as a candidate, be worried about a background check?
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The importance of integrity in business
What’s integrity, and how important is it for a business?
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How do background checks protect your company?
4 Risks that You Avoid by doing a Background Check
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Behind the Scenes of the Background Checks
We discuss about how a background check works for us
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Top 5 Myths about Background Checks and Why They are not True
Top 5 Myths about Background checks
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Which are the trends of 2022 in Recruitment and Background Screening?
Trends in Background Screening & Recruitment
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We are going global! Mindit Consulting and the worldwide background checks.
Mindit Consulting News!
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How important is honesty in your company? For us, it is one of the core values!
Did you know that the 30th of April is Honesty Day?
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Our PBSA membership is a pledge to high industry standards
We are proud members of PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) in which our GM, Laura Rosianu, is
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Hundreds of work hours and a nationwide network of institutions – this is how we do it!
We’ve come across this question a lot. How do we do it?
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2022 HR trends
2022 is here, we can wrap up 2021 already
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Background checks: a quick guide into how they work for your company
When hearing about background checks, most HR executives express a valid concern about privacy and GDPR laws.
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How many times do you think you were lied when you read a resume?
People lie all the time. Sometimes they call it “white lies”.
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Why is background screening important for your company?
An in-depth view from Laura Rosianu, GM Mindit Consulting and Chair of The Board PBSA Europe
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