10 years of Mindit Consulting, pioneers in background screening in Romania!
February 24, 2023

Mindit Consulting is celebrating 10 years of pioneering background screening in Romania, on which occasion it emphasizes the importance of transparency and honesty in the Romanian business environment. According to a 2022 study, the average cost of a "bad" hire is at least 30% of the annual salary, not to mention additional costs and reputational impact.

How the story of Mindit Consulting began?

10 years ago, Mindit Consulting was founded in response to the needs of companies that understood how important it is to protect and protect employees and customers, improve the recruitment process, and, above all, protect the company's reputation. Thus, our mission has become that of contributing to increasing transparency and the level of trust and honesty in the Romanian business environment.

Compared to 10 years ago, when the market did not know what this type of verification was, the market has developed constantly, and now all companies have become aware, at the level of mentality, of the need to do background checks through a reliable partner with expertise in this domain.

What customers from partner industries say about us?

We address every industry, practically all organizations that recruit regardless of the field of activity. Still, we mainly serve partners from the IT, BPO, Pharma, Banking, Services and Hospitality industries, as the growing trends in the gig economy.

Below, we have a testimonial from a customer in the IT industry:

The Mindit services we use for our entity in Romania are at the level of those in other countries where we operate. Through the support offered, we managed to filter the employees very well and have a retention rate of 97% for 2022. Thus, for an IT company in the Romanian market, this is the best performance indicator in the relationship with the employees.

The year 2023 comes with 3 new services in the portfolio:

This year we want to support even more the needs of our clients in the area of H.R. - Employee Relations - so we have introduced 3 new services, namely Exit and Stay Interviews, Customer Feedback Interviews.

We know how important employee retention and motivation are in this economic context, so through these new services, compiled and objectively reported by us, Mindit Consulting, we support organizations to improve the retention rate of long-term employees and programs of employer branding, as well as to become more agile in the implementation of business strategies.

How does Background Screening in Romania differ from Europe and the United States?

Although the screening market in Romania is relatively young and not regulated like that of the USA or certain European countries, we see a constant and consistent effort to raise awareness of the need for transparency and honesty at any organizational level through specific actions for companies and candidates.

Companies are more open to outsourcing certain H.R. services for more transparency and optimization of internal resources.

European and American companies have a different approach compared to Romania regarding recruiting and retaining employees. They ensure they always have the right candidate and perform background checks through third-party experts.

By doing so, they can focus more on team integration and developing new employees, considerably increasing their retention and motivation rate.

The benefits and evolution of background screening services

Our team of experts in background checks delivers quality and efficiency, proactivity, and professionalism in the screening and reporting process according to the highest standards of integrity.

We always start from our vision and mission to increase the level of honesty in the business environment and to support organizations so that they can make quick hiring decisions safely and transparently in 100% of cases.

According to a 2022 study, the average cost of a "bad" hire is at least 30% of the annual salary, not to mention additional costs and reputational impact.

Thus, the most important benefit we offer to our clients is the minimization of recruitment and retention costs and reputational risks for the employer brand, an increasingly important criterion in selecting a company by candidates.

We believe that background screening will become a "must" in the next 3-5 years in organizations in Romania, as is happening in the U.S. and certain European countries. We already know that more and more organizations are implementing the background screening process in their internal H.R. policies, considering the constant focus on recruiting and healthy integration of suitable candidates into internal teams and cultures.

The background screening process is institutionally regulated in the U.S. and some E.U. countries. Therefore we want to take the first steps towards adopting the legislation in Romania to support it as a mandatory practice and integrate background screening into the standard recruitment process.

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