A Sneak Peek of the New Services 2023
March 14, 2023

Through these new services, we help managers and organizations understand their employees' and customers' motivations to design better strategies and actions toward people's growth and business development.

Here they are, professional tools, already in place to support your business needs:

1. Exit Interview

2. Stay Interview

3. Customer Feedback


Employee turnover is costly and can happen even in bad economic times.

There's a lot of learning where companies can improve themselves and understand what to do to minimize personnel turnover in the future and have a better employee retention rate.

Therefore, we created the opportunity for our partners to gather objective insights and trends among departing employees and report analyses of only useful information, ready to act upon it.

- Our consultants objectively gather and assess those insights about your workplace, culture, and leadership to offer you a sense and understanding of what your organization can improve upon to retain your valuable performers.

- Our consultants support companies in learning where they can improve themselves and what to do to minimize personnel turnover in the future.

Why is it best to use an external unbiased partner to conduct the feedback process?

- Because outgoing employees are not always candid about their reasons for leaving, whether that's because they don't want to burn bridges or because they're not emotionally invested in the company any longer. An external consultant would better sense those real reasons for leaving.

- If the employee does have strong negative feelings, exit interviews can get tense or heated, especially if the internal interviewer takes offense. An external consultant is unbiased, impartial, experienced in interview settings, and provides transparent, structured feedback.

- Outgoing employees can offer a unique perspective on company culture, leadership, and employee satisfaction. They can be more honest in identifying issues within the company than current employees, who fear repercussions and are more open to sharing them with a third-party interviewer.

- Departing employees have been researching and interviewing with other companies, often competitors. So, providing structured insights into the perks and advantages that drew them to those competitors is precious information for your recruitment process. Think of it as an opportunity, a sneak peek through an "external eye."

That's why outside consultants are the best people to conduct exit interviews, as they're the most impartial and experienced in interview settings.

We provide the survey results and interview notes organized with key takeaways and trends.

This information is shared with our customers with their senior management as a tool for self-evaluation that should guide internal strategic planning, recruiting, and retention efforts.


Companies everywhere are looking for ways to keep employee engagement high and turnover low and doing whatever they can to hold on to their top talent.

That’s why, stay interviews are an essential employee retention leverage, and using an external consultant can be your secret weapon.

- Our consultants objectively conduct a structured discussion with your employees to compile those insights to strengthen your employee's engagement and enhance your employer branding strategy.

- We help you understand what's keeping your people from leaving (or why they are tempted to go in the first place). With our feedback mechanism and proper support for reporting those structured insights from your people, you can be a higher-performing organization ready for anything the future holds.

- We support you to ensure your people are using their strengths and improving on their areas of opportunity, which can be the game changer your organization needs to stay ahead.

From collecting and handling constructive feedback by asking your people direct questions in a safe and trustful context to your employees, giving them ownership in the experience, and being transparent about their feedback, we provide you with "the why" behind working in your company.

Either we do stay interviews hit for you at the 30-60-90-day mark of your employee onboarding or conduct stay interviews with tenured employees (especially top-performing ones), we support you on getting you an unbiased, objective pulse early on that can help your organization course correct where needed and keep your employees happy and make them feel heard.


It all starts with gathering customer feedback and the "why" behind what drives your customers to buy (and keep buying) from you and interact with you.

Any company wants to understand what it must do to improve their customer attrition, customer care strategy, and overall growth.

- Therefore, we gather for you structured feedback that examines how satisfied your customers are with your products, services, and other interactions with your brand and your representatives. You'll understand what drives customer satisfaction so that you're able to create customer loyalty.

- Our consultants objectively conduct a structured discussion with your customers and partners to gain customer insights into interactions and experiences towards improving your market approach and business development strategy.

- We support our partners in gathering objective insights and trends in customer satisfaction and provide them with reports and analyses of helpful information, ready to act upon it.

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