How do background checks protect your company?
August 9, 2022

Which are the risks you avoid through a background check?

The background screening process protects the company, clients, and employees.

1. Fraud

Some employees do not exactly have the best "intentions" for the company they belong to. Of course, most new employees have good intentions, but singular cases affect the smooth running of the organization. Some of Mindit Consulting's clients turned to background checks after experiences of this kind.

Do background checks prevent fraud?


Checks such as Legal Check show professional conflicts of the employee; thus, you can make a decision based on transparency and trust. Another verification that increases the honesty level is the References/Feedback check. The former employer's feedback is a valuable tool in forming an opinion about the new employee's values, performances, and abilities. Through background checks, you find out if there have been fraud attempts in the past, precisely to protect your company as best as possible.

2. False diplomas and certifications

Our experience in background checks has shown that fake diplomas do exist. The most common forged certificates were those for undergraduate studies.

How do fake diplomas affect business?

The implications go to several areas. An employee with a fake diploma may not have the skills he claims to have, and, thus, problems arise regarding performance, results, and job requirements. There may be implications in the legal area and financial losses. Such a situation may even affect the image of the company and the internal culture.

3. A negative reputation in social media

Social Media has become an essential part of both personal and business lives.

Does a candidate's online presence affect the image of the company?

Because online activity has become such a big part of people's lives, the image a person has on the Internet speaks about personal values. A background check in  ​​Media & Social Media discovers mismatches between the values ​​and principles of the employee and the company. Of course, when we talk about a mismatch of values, we are talking about those principles that damage the company's image. Such a check talks about the fit between a person and the organization, not just about the Internet's results.

4. Legal risks

A background check in the legal area represents an extra step towards more safety for the company, customers, and other employees. Legal Checks reveal question marks regarding a future collaboration between the company and the candidate. One of the main reasons for this verification is that it helps the company avoid damages or legal liabilities, reducing risks such as abuse, theft, or violence. A productive and good work environment is one where everyone feels safe.

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