The importance of integrity in business
August 18, 2022

The first question that needs to be asked is: “What are values, and why are they important?”

In essence, your company’s values are the beliefs and principles that drive your business. They are important because they reflect what the company and employees stand for; they help you make sure everyone is working towards the same goal. Core values shape the culture of the company and impact the business strategy.

Now, what’s integrity, and how important is it for your business?

Integrity refers to a series of moral values. People with solid integrity can be relied upon to do the right thing while sticking to their stated values. Integrity in business means operating the organization consistently according to strong moral values. Integrity appears within the company, and it concerns the employees, customers, and the whole culture of the organization. It is one of the core values because integrity is the first step towards building other essential values for your company.

Some examples of business integrity are:

Being honest: An organization that values integrity encourages employees to be transparent and fair in all scenarios, whether we are talking about customers, suppliers, colleagues, or management teams.

Consistency: Integrity also means acting and making decisions to ensure that rules and guidelines are applied consistently and fairly at all business levels.

Working in a meritocratic system: Organizations with a high sense of integrity acknowledge how destructive corrupt behaviors can be for the business, and they make everything possible to avoid such situations that can harm the employees, customers, and image.

Building a transparent and trustful environment: Organizations need people aligned with their values and mission to create such an environment. That refers to the hiring of new talent but also to employees that are already hired. You need to hire people who align with the values and have a sense of integrity, and maintain these values consistently within the team.

How is business integrity related to background checks?

Background checks are a tool that ensures you have the right people with the right values in your team. They help you see if your future employee would be suitable for your organization’s culture. Background checks ensure your candidate’s integrity while building trust and transparency between the employer and the employee.

Last but not least: Why is integrity important in business?

A benefit is building trust and loyalty with the public, customers, industry partners, shareholders, and employees. Business Integrity drives employee satisfaction and retention while predicting team performance. Through the transparent environment that integrity helps you build, new ways of improvement appear, leading to the development of the company and the people.

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