We are going global! Mindit Consulting and the worldwide background checks.
May 10, 2022

Mindit Consulting is the first company in Romania that offers background screening services, and we have extended them globally now!

The areas covered by the process are Employment, Studies and Certifications, Legal, Directorship, Media and Social Media, CV analysis, International checks, and Others (ID Card and Credit Report). 

The new international check depends on the location and legislation of the country and, of course, your needs. The impact of going global is that now we conduct this process worldwide.

What do background checks have to offer?

Background checks offer a plus of safety and trust with the employees. These days, companies hire people from all around the world. The recruiting process is expanding at high speed. That is why the background screening process could be helpful for the internal recruiting process. Background checks complement recruiting, and we want to help the HR department.

Our knowledge and experience, gained since the foundation in 2013, sustain successful partnerships with IT Companies, Automotive, Pharma, Logistics, Banking, Transportation, etc. The background screening process could fit many domains because trust is its base, and every company needs trust and transparency.

The employment check is one of the most demanded services selected by HR experts. For the employment check, we verify the period and position mentioned in the CV of your candidate by directly contacting the former employers, usually the Human Resources department. The impact of going global is that now we conduct this check worldwide.

Complementary to the employment check is also the feedback & references check. We contact the former employers to have a more detailed view of your future candidate’s performances and skills.

Perhaps, you also want to verify if your candidate has the proper knowledge and skills for the position. That is the point where the education check is practical for you. We conduct the education check by contacting the institutions directly to verify the diploma’s authenticity.

Another essential domain for HR is the Legal one. In the Legal Check, we verify your candidate’s implication in legal processes, the criminal records, the global sanctions, and drug tests. We proceed with the legal check through official, local and international databases, and our medical partner conducts the drug test.

The background screening services are conducted for the hiring process and periodical checks. Of course, your needs may differ, and we can adapt to them. We work with HR managers to identify the areas of interest and offer services to improve practice in the Human Resources Area.

We want to get in touch with you! Contact us at: office@mindit.ro 

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