Why is background screening important for your company?
August 17, 2021

The background screening industry is well established in the US and in Western Europe as a process that is implemented before bringing a new team member into your business.

The process itself implies that a third party will check the information provided on the resume and job application by a candidate, to make sure that everything lines up, but it also can reveal information that the candidate mistakenly or intentionally left out like criminal activity, school records, media scandals or even previous employment problems.  

The background screening report will give you an objective view of your candidate that will make for a better-informed hiring decision. And usually, a candidate’s past can give you a good sense of their future with your company. Considering that a new employee takes time, resources, and money to train and to integrate him/her into the team, background screening will give you a better chance of choosing the right person for the job.

If I were to create a Top 5 Reasons why your company would greatly benefit from using background screening on candidates, it would be this:

1) every new candidate will have to be integrated in your team. Having a pre-hiring background check will then provide a safe work environment for your employees, but also for your customers.  

2) it brings forward honesty as a cornerstone for your future collaboration. The candidate will know right from the start that your company values honesty and trust first and foremost.  

3) checking their past experiences, previous employer references and education will give you a chance to hire the most qualified person for the job.

4) instinct is not enough! Of course, every company has in place a protocol, but HR departments do not have the means to do in-depth research. They already have their hands full with all the internal procedures. Background screening will help a lot with the process of choosing between candidates better informed than instinct.  

5) and last, but not least important. You probably don’t think of this when you hire. A background screening process could minimize exposure from a future employee liability. This can mean both internal, but also to your customers.

Here they are, Top 5 Reasons background screening will help your business. If you want to hear more, you can reach us at office@mindit.ro and we can start discussing at length.

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