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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
Phil Jackson

Irina Arsene

CEO & Founder
Irina found in background screening the perfect way to change Romania for the better and started Mindit Consulting in 2013 as a way to achieve this. She is a young and dynamic entrepreneur with a strong leadership vision and extensive international management track record. Her interests in multiple and different areas (IT and HR) create a unique mix of technical and soft skills that help her grow the people she works with, both professionally and personally. Her team is like her family and she takes her energy from its accomplishments as well as from the cool and relaxed vibe in the office.

Laura Rosianu

General Manager & NAPBS Europe Board Member
Laura is a doer. She is highly organised and driven by the desire to constantly improve herself, taking her energy and inspiration from everyday challenges. She has an eye for detail and is striving for perfection in everything she does. Being a natural leader, she enjoys working with people and helping them become better versions of themselves. She manifests her creativity by thinking outside of the box and has a great ability to adapt to people and circumstances, whilst staying true to herself.

Andreea Onofrei

Client Representative & Background Screening Expert
Loving nature ever since she was a child, Andreea appreciates a clean environment and this reflects in her desire to work and help people work in great surroundings. Andreea is curious and when she sets her mind on learning something, she will find the right people to help her and will not quit until finished. She likes to be surrounded by authenticity, therefore the background screening area fits her needs for transparency like a glove.

Sonia Predonescu - Gherghina

Background Screening Expert
Sonia is passionate about psychology and she maintains an uninterrupted communication with the people around her. Patience, empathy and creativity are the bases of her daily work. She manages to combine flexibility with rule compliance and attention to details with the whole picture. The people she is working with inspire her and give her energy, that’s why she enjoys working within a team. She loves stories, especially the ones based on a kernel of truth, therefore she closes the loop in a way that best reflects the reality.

Ioana Banica

Client Representative & Background Screening Expert
Ioana’s attention to details and her organised working style are key factors in her professional growth. She is a dynamic and positive person who enjoys helping others while gaining a deep understanding of people and processes. Ioana is always looking for improvements, having the big picture in mind and constantly in a search for ways to better attend to clients’ needs.

Adelina Ricu

Background Screening Analyst
Working with calm and paying attention to details, Adelina manages to organise her work around the client’s needs. She communicates efficiently with people, by giving them time and understanding, thus succeeding to gain their trust. Adelina is passionate about cooking and following the recipe in the kitchen extends to her ability of easily following processes in her work. Her understanding for numbers and finance helps her gain deeper insights of the impact a bad hire can have for a potential employer.

Andreea Sava

Background Screening Analyst
Andreea does everything with patience and care. Her work is defined by professionalism, involvement and perseverance towards reaching her goals and improving herself. She has a strong creative sense that she expresses both with her paintings and with the innovative ways she looks at different situations. She is a quick learner and a great teacher, focusing on quality in everything she does.

Ioana Vasile

Background Screening Analyst
Ioana loves being surrounded by people and in time she wanted to closely work with them. She is energetic, friendly and has an overflowing dose of honesty, that she uses with diplomacy. She gives her best in her work and she doesn’t stop until everything is as it should be. This assures her getting the best results and learning in the process. Ioana focuses on completing her tasks in due time and she is always ready to work on any challenge.

Andreea Mihalache

Background Screening Analyst
Andreea is an enthusiast. She is keen to interact with people and to share with them her creative energy. She is open to changes and challenges and she fully embraces them, constantly looking for ways to add more value to the process. Her main motivation in everything she does is to give her best, while also helping the team. Andreea has a strong intuition that in time helped her to go beyond the surface and discover hidden elements.

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