Background screening process


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Pre-employment process, complementary to recruitment.


We verify the information from the candidate's CV, with prior written consent.

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“We are very happy to collaborate with Mindit!
 Not only that they have proven professionalism,providing very on time and on point feedback, but it is also a pleasure to work with the people representing Mindit. 
Thank you for being such a reliable partner and support every time!” 

Bianca Ghera
Talent Engagement Partner

“We found in Mindit a trustworthy partner, serious and transparent who always responded in a positive way to all our demands. No matter the volume of work we always received the same quality which helped us prove to our clients that we offer valuable and honest candidates. We salute the introduction of background screening in Romania, which is requested by many international companies."

Roxana Florea
HR Department

“Our collaboration with Mindit is definitely adding value to our recruitment process. Their team is always meeting the deadlines and have an impressive capacity to answer in a very short time to all our demands. And they do all this with a contagious energy and enthusiasms. We are glad that we find in Mindit a reliable partner, who is providing us accurate and transparent information to make the best hiring decision” 

Alexandra Vladut
IT Recruiter

“We are pleased to write this letter to express our good feedback for the collaboration with Mindit.
 For more than 3 years they provided us accurate Background Check for hundreds of employees always on time and always useful for us.
 Mindit team has been professional and prompt – and we highly appreciate these qualities. The references gathered by their analysts helped us in making the best hiring decision.”

Diana Murgan
HR Business Partner

“Working with Mindit is like having a Swiss watch: always on time and extremely accurate reports. They are always enthusiastic, open to new suggestions and have a very good understanding of what the client needs. All in all I would recommend their services and them as a team wholeheartedly and appreciate the value add which they bring."

Ciprian Deak
HR Manager

“For Servier the reference check is an extremely important stage in the recruitment process and the one that helps us in the final decision of hiring a candidate. We have found in Mindit a solid partner, who has adapted to our candidate’s profile and who, with professionalism and seriousness, helped us make the best decision for us."

Florentina Rosca
Recruitment Officer

“As the Recruitment Process and its results are critical for Samsung Electronics Romania, in order to make sure that we recruit the best people on the market we are using a series of supportive tools. One of the tools used is Background Screening. For this we are using the services provided by Mindit.  Every time we requested Mindit to deliver us a Background Check, the outcome was a great one. The positive attitude of all the team members we got in contact with, the very short response time and last but not least the very comprehensive reports we received on our candidates convinced us that Mindit is a very good choice for Samsung Electronics Romania to work with."

Alexandru Aldoescu
Head of HR & General Affairs

“Mindit team not only contributed to facilitating the recruitment process with the help of the services offered with seriousness and promptness, but also offered the opportunity of a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration, thanks to the spirit of solidarity that characterises it. We recommend Mind to all companies that want to invest in recruitment, as the services are immeasurable and the communication can be done as easily as possible at any level. Thank you for your help!"

Amalia Maciuca
EMEA Taleo Administrator

Areas covered by the Background Screening process


✔︎ Employment
✔︎ References
✔︎ Membership of professional bodies
✔︎ Volunteering


✔︎ Legal History
✔︎Criminal Record
✔︎ Drug test
✔︎ Global Sanctions & Watchlist


✔︎Trainings & certifications


✔︎ Media presence
✔︎ Social media activity


✔︎ Association in other companies
✔︎ Registerred offices on the candidate's address

CV Overview

✔︎ Time gaps
✔︎CV Analysis


We know that no size fits all.
If none of the below packages perfectly matches your needs, contact us and we'll create a custom one, tailored to your specific needs.



Employment - last 2 employers

Legal Search

Social media presence

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Employment - last 3 employers

Feedback (5 questions)

Legal Search

Global Sanctions & Watchlists

Studies - 1 diploma

Media presence

Social media activity

One training/certification

Time gaps

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Employment – last 5 employers

References (9 questions)

Legal search

Criminal record check

Drug test

Global Sanctions & Watchlists

Media presence

Social media activity


Two trainings and/or certifications

Association in other companies

Registered offices on the candidate’s address

Time gaps


CV Overview

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Irina Arsene


Laura Rosianu

General Manager &
Chair of the Board@ PBSA Europe Council

Adelina Ricu

Client Representative &
Background Screening Expert

Ioana Sandi

Background Screening Analyst

Ana Avram

Backgroud Screening Analyst

Georgiana Plesu

Backgroud Screening Analyst

Emilia Marin

Marketing Specialist

andrei Ciocan

Background Screening Analyst
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